Workshop – Intro to Improv

Curious to know how Improv works?

Maybe you’ve seen shows and you’re wondering if it’s true that everything is made up on the spot?
Come and join us at the Intro to Improv workshop! Our artistic director Pierpaolo Buzza will take you on a three-hour journey in the basic techniques of improvised theatre, for an afternoon of fun and playfulness!
If after the workshop you’re motivated, our classes are still open: if you wish, you can enroll with the first years’ group that has just begun.
And if you’re SUPERmotivated, right after the workshop you will have the chance to go onstage and open the seniors’ show with some basic improv games!
Or you just lean beack and watch the show in the evening. The ticket for the evening show ImproShow s06e01 is included in the workshop ticket! (which is only 20 Euros by the way)

Date, time and location:

Sunday 30th September, 15h00 to 18h00 at Rue du Viaduc 118, 1050 Ixelles.

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Please contact us via facebook if you are interested in joining :

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