Triple Improv Show

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for the ultimate Improv show experience: “Triple improv show” is a three-act improv show where you will see every nuance of human emotions.

We start of with our Thursday group, which goes by the name “The Thursday Group”, who will first play “Constellation”, where you will decide which character’s life you want to see! The actors will create the story of the main character, his/her surroundings and purpose in life; and right after that, they will play “Gare du Midi”, where scene by scene, the actors will create relationships and stories in the famous train station of Brussels.

Then, there will be a break where you can get a drink at our bar, smoke a cigarette, and EVEN, INCLUDED IN THE PRICE, have a chat with other people!

After the break we come back to our Tuesday group, which goes by the name “The Tuesday Group”, who will first play “Sunday Evening Live!”, a series of sketches and stories where we will have all kinds of different fun: the smile, the explosion of laughter, the contained intellectual giggle, and so much more!

See you there!


Tickets: 9,99 Euros
(we warmly suggest online presale:


Image credits:
Party people image from freepik –
Gare du Midi image from Flickr by IngolfBLN:
under Creative Commons License.

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