The Art of Adapting to Change

The Art of Adapting to Change – Lessons for agility and teamwork from theatre improvisation

Workshop content:
In modern working environments and in times of disruption and digital transformation, change is everywhere.
Organizations, teams, and individuals are confronted with uncertainty and the need to create new solutions and innovation at the same time.
Theatre improvisation deals with exactly this: acting with confidence and creating innovation in situations where you can’t be sure (or you simply have no clue at all) what will happen next.
Over decades, the improv community around the globe has developed, used and improved principles and exercises to strengthen people to handle these situations with a mindset that is constantly prepared for change and collaboration.
In this workshop, you will get valuable insights and into the art of improvisation. We will share improv exercises and experience with you and translate it in the business world. You will get ideas and tools to train your mindset for change and agility.

Nicola Dotti, Founder of Impro for Dummies – Brussels
Nicola started theatre improvisation in 2007 in Milan with Teatribu’*, after a life spent on stage having problems to memorise the script. That’s why improv was a fantastic solution! Since then, he kept on improvising between Milan, London and Brussels in Italian, English or French (often using the three languages at the same time). In 2011, he started doing the first coaching in Brussels creating what will later become Impro for Dummies. In March 2013, he formally created the group coaching with over 200 actors and organising more than 20 shows in 5 years. His main interest is the use of improv for personal development, soft skills, public speaking and collective works.

David Zöllner, Partner of Impro for Dummies – Brussels
David is a corporate learning specialist who uses playfulness, fun and curiosity to create engaging and motivating trainings which target business objectives.
During the past years, he developed many game-based online business trainings for various market leading companies.
In his Applied Improvisation workshops, he uses profound knowledge of training and learning methods, his experience with corporate trainings and also his passion for games, storytelling and improvisational theatre.
David started improvisational theatre in 2010 and found his first group two years later. He loves to create stories, be on the improve stage or in business workshops, helping people to explore new mindset and behaviors and move our their comfort zone.

Terms & Conditions: 
The workshop will take place if more than 6 people registered. In case of cancellation of the workshop, the ticket price will be reimbursed via Eventbrite.

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