Improv Course – Open Class 2019

Why not start your 2019 with a new perspective on improvisation and start learning how to improvise professionally – on the stage, in your job and your private life and with confidence?

In our brandnew open class, you will not only learn to perform improvisational theatre! You will also get to know the “magic” it is based on – which is being self-confident even in unexpected situations, act in a team build on trust and openness, active listening, creating ideas together … and a lot more!

As a side-effect, you will learn to keep a clear and focused mind in situations where you “HAVE TO improvise” – whether it is in a theatre, your office or your living room. And by the way, you will do all this while meeting nice and interesting people!

The first try-out coaching is free!
Save your spot for the try-out here:
If you want to subscribe for the whole course (Januar-May), we will provide information about the subscription during the first coaching.

Details on the full course:

Location: Rue de la Victoire 158, Brussels/St.-Gilles
Price: 190 Euro
Duration: January – March (with the chance to be followed by another course)
Time: Friday evening, 19-22 h, (not every friday – there are some dates excluded, see below)
Dates: 11/01 (try-out), 25/01, 08/02, 15/02, 22/02, 08/03, 15/03, 22/03, 05/04, 12/04, 03/05, 10/05
Coach: professional improviser Pierpaolo Buzza (our Artistic Director)
Organised by: Impro for Dummies (

Please only order a ticket if you are sure you will come. Or in case you ordered and do not manage to come, let us know so we can give your spot to someone else.

For any further information, feel free to contact us:

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