Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to invite you to our very special double feature show: A combination of great Improv and live music played by Nikolay Terziev on keyboards!

Part 1 – CAMPFIRE: The musical

Four friends out on a hike. It starts getting dark, the tents are set up, and they gather around the fire to tell stories. Will they be scary stories? We cannot say yet… but try to imagine this dark and cold autumn night, somewhere out in the wild of the Ardennes and – wait! – was there a crack somewhere in the woods…?

What we can tell you, though, is that it is a musical!

Starring: Alexandre, Nikolina, Beth and David

Part 2 – ROYAL RUMBLE: The best from Belgium!

Imagine some of the most talented improvisers coming from every part Belgium. Imagine they reunite on a stage, for one might of passion a craziness. Imagine a format where everyone is a director, and they pitch their idea and make it happen, and it’s you -the audience! – who decides which stories are the best!
It will be legendary. Be there!


Charlotte De Metsenaere from Insipinazie, Leuven
David Garrahy from The Ghost Sheep, Brussels
Beth Staunton from Impro for Dummies, Brussels
Frank Wertelaers from Meeza Longform, Hasselt
Ben Verhoeven from Swaajp Theatre, Antwerp

Artistical direction for both shows: Pierpaolo Buzza

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