1 vs 1 – the IMPROV FIGHT!

The show

What happens when a French man and a Bulgarian woman go in a impro fight against one another, making for a show that’s crazy, funny, amusing, humorous, comical, droll, entertaining, laughable, chucklesome, hilarious, hysterical, riotous, uproarious, witty, facetious, jolly, and any other way YOU will suggest us!

There is only one way to find out! Come to the “1 vs 1 Improv Fight”, the opening show of the IMPROBRUSSELS season! Desi and Alex will battle each other with improvisations: no rules, no holds barred, and only you – the audience – will decide who the winner is!
Plus, the show will be opened by the splendid first years’ class!

The price

Impro for Dummies provides Improv for EVERYBODY! For this show, we offer a very special season-opening-price: only 5 Euros (online) or 7 Euros at the door.

! Online sale closed !
Tickets at the door are still available!

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