Design-Thinking & Applied Improvisation for Business

How to make co-creation work: Design-Thinking & Applied Improvisation for Business

Workshop content:
Increasingly, companies stop producing products and services for clients, but with them. Especially in fast-changing environments, it is key to reach out to customers even with unfinished ideas and prototypes to get their feedback quickly. That typically doesn’t work with classic project management, Design Thinking has become a popular method, which shares many features with Applied Improvisation. This workshop explores the mindset of co-creation by using the interfaces between Design Thinking and Applied Improvisation.

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Ralf Wetzel
Ralf is Professor of Organization and Applied Arts at Vlerick Business School. He began his career as an electrician and social worker. After extensive work experience in organization and management research and after being a head of a joint research and consulting group in Switzerland, he joined Vlerick. There, he works not only as teacher & academic but as a Senior Leadership Development Coach (Tavistock) too. Since his intense encounter with improvisation theatre 5 years ago, he discovered the immense transformative power of Performative Arts, especially for tackling contemporary and future managerial and societal challenges.

Terms & Conditions: 
The workshop will take place if more than 6 people registered. In case of cancellation of the workshop, the ticket price will be reimbursed via Eventbrite.

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