Chapter 5. Useful Materials

Useful online sources about theatre improvisation

ImprovEncyclopedia. Very useful list of impro games The name says everything… very very rich!

In Brussels (and in Belgium)
– Fédération Belge d’Improvisation Amateur (FBIA) – for amateurs
– Ligue d’Improvisation Belge (LIB) – professionals mainly for match
– Ligue d’Improvisation Professionnelle (LIP) – professionals other formats
There are several groups in Brussels playing improv:
– Belgische improvisatie liga (BIL) – for amateurs
– American Theatre Company in Brussels – the Ghost Sheep

Books and Authors
Keith Johstone “Impro” and “story telling”. These are the bybles of theatre improvisation, mainly the first one.
Viola Spolin and her games. She wrote the first handbook of theatre improvisation with plenty of games with accurate explanation. Maybe today it is a bit outdated, nevertheless this is a great source for coachings.
Omar Galvan with his improtour. He wrote an excellent handbook for Castillan- and Italian-readers, and here his speech for TEDx.

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