Chapter 4. Our story

Once upon a time…

Impro for Dummies was born somewhere in April 2011 as theatre sub-committee of the ‘Blue Book Stagiaires’ Association, the Interns of the EU Commission in Brussels. At the beginning, we were more or less in three: Aurélia, Joanne and myself (Nicola). I think that the first meeting was in the well-known Berlaymont Building, but I am not sure…
I was playing Impro since 2007 in Milano with these fantastic people, and wanted to continue in Brussels, then I proposed myself as a coach… without having any idea of how to do it. At the same time, I was playing with a French-speaking Belgian team, but I was not really satisfied because there I was the only non-native speaker. The first group of Impro for Dummies was really improvised, in three months we were able to set-up a show for late July, and it was a great success. Ah, I have to mention Agnes (the youngest one!) because she came up with the name and the logo: bedankt, Agnes!

The rise of a new hope

From that group, Karolina pushed me to restart because she really enjoyed it. Yet, once we restarted, she gave up (dzenki Kaja!). Anyway, on 22 March 2013, we have started in an experimental way, and we were no longer related to the Commission, but just random people found among friends and a bit of online self-promotion. The first ‘real’ season of coaching started in October 2013… and then a second season for 2014-2015, always thanks to the support of the ABCD. Yes, the ABCD gave us a fundamental support for logistics, organization, place… and friendship!

The philosophy of Impro for Dummies

We play theatre improvisation, and the group is mainly made up by non-native speakers of English. We do not discriminate against native speakers, we simply allow for linguistic diversity. That’s all. If you really need more information, check this. Ah, important: we play for fun, were not professionals.

The story could be even longer, but… does it really matter?! Better to go for a show. 3… 2…. 1…



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