About Impro for Dummies

Yes, we play theatre improvisation in Brussels, in English.

Yes, we perform regular shows, check out the next one.

Yes, we do also offer a regular improv course every week.

No, you don’t need to be a native-speaker…, most of us are not! And now it’s time to join us!

That’s just some of us. The group in total is even larger.


Impro for Dummies started on 22 Mach 2013 as an amateur improv group in Brussels. The first idea was to set up a group in English for non-native speakers because playing improv in a second language is somehow ‘different’. Very quickly, we discovered that it is possible, feasible and, most important, funnier! Probably the best way to improve your English; surely, a great way to ‘learn’ creativity, altogether. Coaching after coaching, show after show, Impro for Dummies has grown counting now 25 members coming from 16 different nationalities… and we plan to grow even more.

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